The sole purpose of this page is to give the Men of the Lighthouse an opportunity to share their testimony with others. They hope that those who read them are encouraged and strengthen but most of all, realize                             you are not alone in your struggles...amen?

Don’s Testimony

I came from basically an abusive household.  I always told myself I wouldn’t be like my dad, but I found myself in his footsteps.  I met my wife in 1986 and started dating her. We were married in 1990.  In about 1995 my wife and I had a big fight and argument.  She was swinging at me and I pinned her up against the wall by her throat.  She passed out and went in to having convulsions.  She came to and was okay.  I didn’t lay a hand on her from that day.  But that doesn’t mean the abuse stopped.  There are different kinds of abuse like emotional, verbal.. etc.  I basically treated her like a slave and not a partner.  Ruthie was attending church for years back then.  In 2004 she got up enough courage to leave me.  She signed herself into a SAFE house.  We were apart for about 3 months.  I went from 215 lbs to 165 lbs. during that time.  I didn’t know where to go or turn to.  My dad told me to give my Uncle Matt a call.  Uncle Matt was the Pastor Matthew Fortino.  My dad telling me to contact him was a miracle in itself because they haven’t talked in 25 years.  Its 2004 the last time I called my Uncle Matt was in 1985 and I still knew his phone number.  I called him and my children and I started attending his church.  I accepted Jesus Christ into my life at that time.  My wife and I got back together.  We attended his church for about 2 – 3 years.  I ended up getting a second job working with my wife and fell away from church.  Uncle Matt’s death in 2010 hit me hard.  He kept telling me I won’t be around forever get back into church.  That is when we started attending the Lighthouse.  My wife and I love the Pastors and the people there.  Our marriage isn’t perfect and probably won’t be either.  But God is good and so are we.